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Author Topic: More Testimonials  (Read 3502 times)
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   It was so nice to meet with you today and walk the land. I thank you very much for your good intentions in helping us to continue our good work together for youth and families in our community. Attached are three more testimonials [below] for your reading pleasure. I am confident that we will find a mutually beneficial solution to all our needs. Blessings, thirteen thank you's and honey in my heart.

Warmest regards,


October 15, 2009

Carolyn Garcia

Rick and Julia Herson

C/o ManyHands Community

Eugene, Oregon

Dear Carolyn, Rick, and Julia,

I am writing to ask that you give serious consideration to our friend Many Hands’ request to extend the terms of his contract with you long enough for him to purchase the property on Butterfly Lane as planned.

One basis of my support is that the property has become a significant resource for the students of Network Charter School.  Several courses have integrated field trips to this land into lessons related to their curriculum.  Girls’ and boys’ groups have gone to learn about sweats and to participate in coming of age rites created as part of our Coming of Age course.  Others have gone to learn about cob structures and to build a few.  Some have completed community service activities, clearing land and repairing outbuildings.

The students at Network Charter School need the richness of the experiences at Many Hands Community for many reasons.  More than three-quarters of our students are poor by any standard; we provide breakfast and lunch for most of them every day.  More than one-third have special ed needs.  Many are adjudicated youth, working through the conditions imposed by court order to make up for misbehavior.  For these kids, the land has offered the vision of a different life.  First, they can see from the way Many Hands approaches the land that “dreams come true” with the application of pure determination and hard work—they are not the product of good luck or bad habits.  If Many Hands can tackle the demanding physical work of settling a bit of wilderness to use for spiritual and social activities, despite the clear absence of some physical assets that most of us have, then our kids can tackle their dreams too. Their economic and social handicaps may be real, but they can be mined for their strengthening qualities.  Second, students learn many valuable aspects of stewardship, applying the lessons of other courses.  NCS weaves environmental education into many of its courses, and at the Many Hands Community land they can put those lessons to work.  Third, they practice the skills learned in art and survival courses. This property has become a real asset to their learning at NCS.

While I am not expert in personal wealth management, I have owned several properties in my life and transferred ownership in several different ways, predicated on my own needs.  When I moved from Bethesda to Eugene four years ago, it was important to sell our home there at market value, because that would allow me and my husband, both at or nearing retirement, to establish future security.  But earlier in adult life, more than once we made unconventional arrangements to make sure property close to our hearts could be taken over by friends we loved, at cost or less.  Though we were living simply and had few material assets, we were in a position to do things according to values outside the marketplace.  It was a blessing for us to do so.

If your personal resources allow you to make a decision about the land on Butterfly Lane according to values outside the marketplace, I urge you to do so.  As you have surely noticed, the marketplace is in presently in a slough of despond; land prices are low and mortgages are hard to get.  But the audacity of our hopes has been sparked and we believe that both our dreams and our fortunes will rebound before too long.  For now, we depend on the wealth of goodwill to keep our dreams alive.  At NCS, we believe in ManyHands’ dream and we believe that with more time, he will achieve it.  We will be grateful for anything you can do to help him.


Mary S. Leighton, PhD

Executive Director (& Lead Dreamer)

Network Charter School

October 16, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

   David Maloney should be allowed to continue living on the property on Butterfly Lane in Eugene, OR so the good work he does with the community there can proceed. He works to teach the youth and others to be stewards of the land and the land helps him do this. Without the land he would have no place to educate the community in the ways of living in harmony with the land and animals.

He needs to have this land to teach the youth how to become adults that care for and respect themselves, others and the world they live in. He has helped so many in need of not only personal but spiritual growth. If he doesn't have the land he has no place to continue the good work he does. This land has been blessings not only to him to fulfill  his dreams of community but a blessing to all whom he has helped and continues to help every day.

There are few places left that people can go to pursue an alternative way in not only spiritual growth but learning to care for our earth by being in contact with the earth. The lessons he teaches are ways for the youth to become adults in a good, caring way. First by teaching respect for self so they can respect others. Second respect for self so they can respect the land and animals who this world cannot survive without. This is one of the few places that offers a 'Right of Passage' to the youth that without they are more likely to continue in the abusive ways they are living in.

Please help him fulfill this dream and help him the youth and community by allowing him to keep this land. Please let him continue to make the monthly payments and extend the balloon payment to the end the contract or just extend the monthly payments to include the balloon payment.

Thank you for the time you are spending on this matter. I pray your heart leads you in the direction that is a benefit to all involved.

      Eve Fasthorse
[Elder within the Sundance community]

Dear Carolyn Garcia,

         I am a teacher at the Network Charter School in Eugene, Oregon. I am writing on behalf of the Manyhands Community in the hope that their important work will continue. The Manyhands Community works with youth and adults who are in trouble, and helps them transition into successful adults and good citizens. My family was one of those touched by Manyhands. One of the few effective avenues of support we could find for my little sister who for years had struggled with substance abuse, Manyhands helped to make her transition complete. A former heroine addict is now clean for 3 years and starting a college career. Their work is vital to so many individuals and the community as a whole; I hope they are able to continue their services.


Perry Joseph

On Oct , 2009, "Carolyn Garcia"
From:    "Carolyn Garcia"
Subject:    Re: Butterfly Lane Testimonials
To:    wolfmanyhands <>

Dear David:
Thanks for all the reading material and kind comments, pleas and questions.  I have no intention of making the Peace Village or Many Hands programs etc, leave the Butterfly property.   I am trying to figure out a way to keep the program on the property,  support the efforts being made there and yet not lose my investment I made so many years ago now. This is a complex and rather difficult issue for me and it's taking me some time to formulate a workable solution.  I have been speaking with RE professionals and they are not really the right people to talk to. They don't understand creative solutions!
David, please don't spin your wheels over this, I'm just slow and deliberate when it's real estate. I'm working on several solutions and need some basic current information to fill out my deliberations while moving toward a solution that fits both parties.

I would like to come out for a walk-through. I have not looked around but once in 5 years.

I don't want to disturb or dislodge your activities with at-risk Youth. Your whole program is an important part of helping young people assemble a life with meaning and purpose. I agree with that use for the land and want it to continue.

I am curious to find out who has been renting the "facility" and how that plays in the overall uses, income generation and future uses.

Sorry, I have been traveling and not receiving your emails right away. I do understand your anxiety however. 

Carolyn Garcia

PS Rick and Julia Herson have agreed to abide by my decisions.  I have the majority and they will play along with me on this.

October 4, 2009


Carolyn Garcia

Dear Carolyn:

Tax ID Number


I’m writing to you as a good friend, colleague, and employer of David Maloney. 

A couple words about the goings on out there:   I am the Director of an organization called Peace Village, which provides peace curriculum at interfaith summer camps as well as nonviolence skills in alternative high schools here in Eugene.  Working with Many Hands over the past four years, we’ve run Rites of Passage ceremonies for over 50 at-risk teens out on that land, we’ve conducted classes in sustainable building and had some of those same teenagers building cobb structures.  In the future, I’ve got plans for Peace Village to do a great deal more out there, and I think the potential is there to do lots of really innovative and revolutionary work with young people that aren’t likely to get it anywhere else.  As part of that community, I also pour a Men’s Sweat lodge out there and have personally put a great deal of my own heart and sweat (and poison oak suffering) into that land.  I guess my point is this: it would be a shame for Many Hands to lose that land, which holds an incredible amount of promise and hard work, on a technicality that might be avoided with some dialogue and willingness.

I’ve known David for six years now, and I know his heart.  He’s an amazing human being, living for a beautiful vision in which that land is the hub of many different cultural and faith communities, young and old, can come together for growth, learning, and the nurturing of heart, mind, body and soul.  This is a vision which is really beginning to take root.   financial support for the Many Hands Community is also growing each year.

 Best regards,

Darren Reiley

Executive Director,
Peace Village, Inc.


Dear Carolyn Garcia and Julia and Rick Herson,

I am writing to request that you extend your finance loan to David Maloney to allow him time to gather the financial support necessary to fulfill his obligation to you and fulfill the plan he has for the acreage he is now developing.

I realize that this may be a strain on you, but ask for your consideration because the vision which David and his Many Hands Foundation have for the property involves meaningful service to the youth and families in Eugene and throughout Oregon.

The non-profit I serve, Peace Village Inc., has already been in partnership with David in several youth education programs on his acreage and are scheduled this month to begin a significant program, WayFinders, to provide a rites-of-passage experience for young teens.

I have known and worked with David for many years, including his tenure as President of our Peace Village Inc. Board, and find him to be deeply sincere, honest, responsible,and possessed of a much needed vision for our youth.

Sincerely yours,
Rev. Charles Busch, President, Peace Village Inc.

"If we are to attain real peace in this world, it will have to begin with the children." Mahatma Gandhi

“Each generation must guard the flame...not by righteous posturing but
by moving with spirit and energy to tackle the problems of our communities. —John Gardner, founder of Alliance for National Renewal

"Healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each soul
                    the community finds its reflection;
and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is alive."

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